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Castration After-Care
1.  Your horse just had a very aggressive surgery.  Nothing is "routine" about a castration - please treat him as such and monitor closely.

2.  Initial problems post-operation  (call immediately)
                   Bleeding with a steady drip rate.
                   Rapid swelling in scrotum

3.  Hand walk the day of the surgery for 20 minutes twice a day (if possible).

4.  The day following surgery start working the colt for 20 - 30 minutes at a light trot - twice a day.  Increase the level of  intensity and duration over the next couple days.  The more he works the less swelling that occurs.

5.  The incision will drain for 5-9 days.  The drainage should be clear and odor free.

6.  Temperature should not exceed normal parameters.

7.  Administer pain medication and antibiotics as directed.

8.  If you have any questions or concerns - contact your veterinarian immediately

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