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                                  Hoof Care

Horse foot issues are many, and to accurately describe them requires volumes of text.  Dr. Stephen O'Grady has developed excellent articles of the more common problems associated with the foot.  

To quickly and more accurately diagnose hoof problems, the practice now owns digital radiography.  Digital radiography (or X-rays) provides immediate viewing of the X-rays.

I have found that Easy Care foot protection is the most convenient way to provide immediate relief for a number of foot problems.  The Easy Boot can be manipulated for the comfort of the horse. For example: wedges can be attached to the sole of the easy boot to elevate the heel, and increase comfort for the horse with laminitis.  I have in stock at least one Easy Boot of each size for fitting purposes.  As an Easy Care Dealer, after establishing a proper fit, I can order boots in a timely manner.

Hoof X-ray Hoof Cross Section

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