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                Leg Bandages
leg wrap direction diagram
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Before applying any bandage to the leg insure that you have instructions from your veterinarian for proper treatment.

The diagram on the left is a birds eye view (top looking down).  The wrap direction is indicated by the blue arrows.   Wrap all materials in the same direction and always use a soft material against the leg (roll cotton, quilt batting, soft towel, etc).

In the following example:  I have used roll cotton as the foundation of the wrap, after applying a medicated bandage.

This poor mule had a severe rope burn and subsequent swelling up the leg. First, I applied the "Corona" ointment and diaper wrap.

The Roll Cotton is then wrapped around the leg in a loose fashion.  Note: the direction or wrap is front to rear.

Once the roll cotton is loosely wrapped around the leg.  Brown roll gauze is used to compress the cotton.  The roll cotton conforms to the leg while the brown gauze is tightened.

The final step is to apply Vet Wrap quite tight.  The roll gauze will compress to the leg reducing pressure points, applying pressure evenly over the leg.

The Final product is quite firm.  Note the cotton exposed on the top as a cushion.  Only the hoof wall can be wrapped and is in direct contact with the Vet Wrap.  This is to extend the life of the bandage.  

In all other situations, cotton or padding should be exposed on the bottom and the top of the wrap.

Vet wrap should never be against the skin.  Always allow a cushion of cotton to eliminate the potential tourniquet effect.
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