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Wound Care

1.  Most skin wounds will drain a small amount of clear or clear yellow fluid.  Signs of infection include: redness or swelling, extreme pain when touched, pus draining from the lesion, a bad odor. etc.  Call if any of these problems occur.

2.  Carefully clean the wound or suture site daily with a soft cloth soaked in warm water.  A mild soap can be used around the wound.

3.  Vasoline or a lanolin based ointment can be used on the skin / hair below the wound or suture line.  The drainage from the wound will tend to cause skin irritation and the hair will fall out after extended contact.

4.  Clean bedding will always assist in keeping the wound clean

5.  Administer antibiotics as indicated.  Directions are on the drug container.

6.  Sutures out in 10 - 14 days

7.  If you have any questions or concerns - please contact your veterinarian immediately                                    

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