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                          Equine Dentistry
                              International Association of Equine Dentists

                          Hoof Care Links of Interest:
Easy Care - Easy Boots and Treatment / Soak Boots
                              Pete Ramey - Healthy Hoof
                              Dr. Stephen O'Grady - Podiatry Articles

                          Forage Testing / Nutrition
                     Equi-Analytic - Forage Testing
                                         Safergrass.org - Hay Information for horses
                         Nutrient Requirements of Horses (National Research Council)
Dr. Kellon Website (Nutrition Information)

                         Equine Cushings Syndrome  
Equine Cushings Talk Group - Monitored by Dr. Kellon
                    Insulin Resistance Calculator
                        Dr. Kellon's Cushing Information download

                        Alaska State Veterinarian
                        Federal Animal Export Regulations

                        Merck Veterinary Manual

American Assoc. Equine Practitioners - Health Articles

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